Friday, October 12, 2007

Late night show

係ATV 睇到David Letterman 吾知幾耐之前既show

1) J-Lo

David Letterman, 'hey, u look fabulous, how have u been in the last summer'
J Lo 一到場, 答一兩條例問題,即提高8度既聲(講真.刺耳個隻)話..

'oh my god ! it was fabuloous..i was staying at the blah blah blah..and it was so much fun…Me and my husband(Marc Anthony?) were spending a lot of time together which mostly others don't..and it was just great….etc'

大佬,有幾多人有興趣知你有幾enjoy有幾great 呀, 使者吾使係度問句就"自high"一場?

2) Alan Greenspan

David Letterman,

'I remember when we were kids, when the radio announced the fed reserve committee's chairman Mr Alan Greenspan 's decision on the interest rate' we would just get tensed up and hold on to something,
that 's all i know >

A.G, 'wow, that s a lot !'

之後見到 D.L 好恭敬甘問左AG 1連串既問題, AG 亦真係好諗過先去答,尤其係 Wal mart/ China既trade,係影響緊好多原本冇咩$既人,令佢地而加有d好既生活(in Asia)

J Lo 都係算吧啦, 埋尾出黎唱歌咪算囉!

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Xavier said...

我有睇呢集! 不過只系睇左Alan Greenspan 的訪問... 係,letterman 對佢真系恭而敬之。 :)